How Can I Check My U Mobile Credit Balance?

How can I share my U mobile credit balance?

It’s easy to request and transfer creditDial *118*3*7# to request/transfer credit.Key in the number or select it from the most recent numbers list that you’d like to request/transfer credit to.Select the amount you’d like to request/transfer.An SMS will be sent to you if the credit transfer/request is successful..

How do I reactivate my U Mobile?

You are advised to activate your plan from your online store account once you receive your order package. Go to the “Activation” menu and click “Activate”. Your line will be activated in approximately 2 hours. Otherwise, your line will automatically be activated 48 hours after delivery.

What is U Mobile account number?

U Mobile Account Number: The U Mobile Postpaid number that you’re paying for.

How long does U Mobile prepaid last?

The lifecycle of the Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan comes with 10 days active and 60 days passive period. During the passive period, you cannot use any of the services including using internet, make outgoing calls and SMS but you can receive incoming calls and SMS.

How can I get Celcom credit from a friend?

How to shareVia USSD. Dial *365*3# Choose 1 to Transfer Credit & 2 to Request Credit.Transfer Credit Via SMS. Type RM and send. to 1 Example: RM5 and send to 10191234567.Request Credit Via SMS. Type RQ RM and send. to 1 Example: RQ RM5 and send to 10191234567.

How can I use my U Mobile Bonus credit?

The RM5 bonus credit is a value we credit to the Bonus Credit Wallet and it does not change the credit validity. Your line has to be active for you to use the credit balance. Dial *118*6*3*3#.