How Do I Maximize KiwiSaver?

How do I get the most out of my KiwiSaver?

Here are our 5 Must-Do’s for making the most of your KiwiSaver:Start early.

It’s never too early to start KiwiSaver and make your first contributions.

Contribute as much as you can.

Get the full Member Tax Credit.

Don’t pay too much tax.

Get in the right fund, with the right advice..

Can the government take your KiwiSaver?

The government – through Inland Revenue – has set up KiwiSaver and makes sure that the money you put in (and any KiwiSaver employer contributions) goes into your account. … But that money is yours and cannot be taken back by the government.

What happens to my KiwiSaver if I stop working?

If you stop earning a salary or wages, your employee contributions to KiwiSaver will stop. You can make voluntary contributions to your KiwiSaver scheme. … When you start work again, automatic deductions from salary/wages will begin again.

Can I use my KiwiSaver to pay off debt?

Your KiwiSaver funds are an asset. You may be able to use your KiwiSaver funds to pay off your debts if you become bankrupt. However in the case of a KiwiSaver scheme, the funds are protected from your creditors while they remain in the fund.

How much should I put in my KiwiSaver?

For every dollar you put into your KiwiSaver account the government puts in 50 cents – capped at $521.43 a year. To get the full $521.43 you need to have put in at least $1042.86 each year. If you’re self-employed and don’t get an employer contribution that works out at putting in $20 a week.

Which bank is best for KiwiSaver?

Simplicity’s Conservative Fund is the #1 performer for 1-year and 3-year returns. Its low fee structure helps achieve this and means you can spend the money (and not lose it in above-average fees). More details: Simplicity KiwiSaver review.

How do I make a lump sum payment from KiwiSaver?

In order to make a voluntary contribution to your KiwiSaver account through Inland Revenue by way of internet banking, you’ll first need to choose the ‘Pay tax’ option on your internet banking service. Then, you’ll need to include your IRD number, the tax type “KSS”, and period “0” (zero).

Who gets my KiwiSaver if I die?

If you die while you are a member of a KiwiSaver scheme your full account balance will be paid to your estate. You can’t nominate people (called ‘beneficiaries’) to receive your funds directly from your KiwiSaver Scheme; your provider always has to pay it to your estate.

Can you contribute more than 8% to KiwiSaver?

But you can contribute: 3%, 4%, 6%, 8% or 10% of your before tax pay. If you haven’t chosen a contribution rate, by default, you’ll get signed up to the minimum level of 3%. By increasing your contribution rate, you can add thousands to your KiwiSaver account balance.

Can I have 2 KiwiSaver accounts?

I asked for their comment and an IRD spokesperson replied: “KiwiSaver members should only have one account. While scheme providers aren’t obliged to ask a customer if they already are a KiwiSaver member, most do.

Do credit card debts die with you?

When someone dies, it’s not true that any credit card debts are automatically written off. Instead, any individual debts must be paid using the money the deceased has left behind. Only if there isn’t enough money in the Estate may the debt be written off.

Can I use my KiwiSaver to buy a car?

Q. Can you apply to withdraw your KiwiSaver savings for a holiday or to purchase a boat or a car? A. No, unfortunately a withdrawal can’t be made for these reasons.