How Do You Send Credit To Safaricom?

How can I share my Safaricom airtime?

Sambaza Safaricom AirtimeDial *140*amount-of-airtime*number# Eg: *140*100*0712345678#You can use the MySafaricomApp to Sambaza Airtime as well under the ‘Services’ menu then Sambaza Services..

How do I transfer credit from Telkom to Safaricom?

Using MPESAGo to the M-pesa Menu.Select Pay Bill.Enter Business No. 220220.Enter Account No. TELKXXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is your Telkom Mobile number)Enter the Amount.Enter your M-Pesa PIN then send.

How much does it cost to buy Airtel credit from mpesa?

The convenience of a new pay bill number Right now, you can buy airtime for your Airtel line from M-PESA via pay bill number 309028. This is a new number that has one advantage: it does not charge you for airtime transfers under KES 100. This is very good if your airtime purchases fall under 100 bob.

How can I recharge my Safaricom airtime to another number?

How to Top-Up other/different safaricom line using Voucher Via USSD CodeMake sure you have unused Scratch Card.On your Safaricom phone, dial *141*12-digit scratch card PIN you want to top-up*Mobile number you want to top-up#Example: *141*123456789012*0722000000#Press “OK/Call Button”More items…

How do I transfer credit to another number?

*100*mobile number* amount to be transferred# then press send. e.g. If you wish to transfer AED 32 to another Wasel prepaid line, then you would have to type the following command: *100*05xxxxxxxx*32#.

How do you send bundles?

Sambaza InternetDial *544#Select Internet Sambaza.Enter amount of internet data bundles to Sambaza.Enter the mobile number you want to sambaza.

How do you transfer credits on emtel?

Emtel Easy Transfer – it’s easy and very helpful! Send “amount to be transferred” followed by “phone number on which you want to transfer credit” and your “password” by SMS to 8747. For e.g. 50 5988 xxxx 1234 to 8747 (no registration needed). Have you ever tried it?

How do you Sambaza credit on Safaricom?

USSD. Key in the symbol star (*) followed by the number 140 then another star (*) followed by airtime value, another star (*) then the mobile number you want to send the airtime. … Message. On your phone, go to messages. … SIM Applications. Go to Settings>>SIM Applications>> Safaricom+ >> My Account >>Sambaza.

Can you transfer Safaricom credit to Airtel?

This service is designed to allow mobile phone users to ‘switch’ or exchange their airtime in a certain mobile service provider to some other form of airtime in a different mobile service provider. This is to say that you can convert your airtime in Safaricom into Airtel/Orange or even Equitel airtime and vice versa.

How do I send credit direct?

The Direct Top Up Service allows you to add a voucher card to your account or to send credit directly to a friend or family member’s account….This is a very convenient way of transferring credit, without applying the voucher to your own account.Dial *125# send.Dial *125*1876number#send. … Dial *125*Voucher Number#send.More items…

Can you transfer Telkom airtime to another network?

You can seamlessly transfer airtime to any network via your banking app. Physically purchase a Telkom Mobile credit voucher, send them the pin or transfer it directly from the pay point.

How do you share credit?

Dial *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press OK. For example, dial*777*08031234567*1500*1234# and then send/OK.

How do you transfer airtime to code?

You can transfer airtime through SMS by sending “Transfer, recipients number, airtime amount, transfer pin” to 777. You can also send credit through ussd code by dialing *600*recipients number*amount*transfer pin#.

How do you convert airtime to mobile money?

How do you reverse airtime to money?Dial the speed code *170#Reply with 7 to access mobile money wallet.Select option 5 for airtime reversal.Put the amount of transaction to be reversed.Then enter 1 for executing process reversal.You will receive confirmation SMS for successful reversal.

How do you text Sambaza for free?

How to Sambaza through SMSCreate a new SMS message and enter (#) immediately after the airtime value you want to share, followed by the mobile number you want to top-up, e.g., 20#0722123456.Send to 140.Wait for confirmation by SMS.Both you and the person receiving the airtime will receive an SMS notification upon successful top-up.

How can I transfer credit from Airtel to Safaricom?

Another way is to do it via SMS as follows. Select messages, type message as 2u [space] [space][space] and send this to 5050. The default password is 0000; you can change the password to any 4 digit number according to your own preference.

How do I transfer credit from Telkom?

Dial *140# to transfer Now. Share your airtime with friends and family with Pasha and keep the communication going. You can send share any amount between KSh 10 and KSh 3,500.

Can I reverse airtime to mpesa?

To reverse the airtime back to Mpesa, you simply need to forward the MPesa transaction message to 456.

Can one buy Airtel credit through mpesa?

Alternatively, you can go to your MPESA wallet and load Airtime directly by using the Paybill Number 220220, and in the account number put in AIRP[YOUR-AIRTEL-NUMBER-IN-FULL] e.g. AIRP0733111000, enter PIN and send. Your bill will be posted and you will receive an SMS confirmation of the same.

How do you send credit on bmobile?

A user can also send a credit to another user’s phone without receiving a request. Simply dial, *131*party’s number*dollar amount# to credit another prepaid account.

Can airtime be converted to cash?

Aimtoget converts your airtime to cash and would pay you 80% cash after conversion. You can also buy airtime, data bundles, pay bills, send and receive money through the platform. Aimtoget also makes it easy for businesses to accept payments in the form of airtime on their websites. Aimtoget has an app on Playstore.