Question: How Do I Load My Globe Retailer SIM?

What is retailer SIM?

Retailer SIM – a prepaid SIM with a Load Function Menu that allow Retailer/Agent to load Value Credits to Subscribers..

How do I activate TPC retailer?

To activate, type: ACT (space) mobile Number and send to gateway. *Example: ACT 09123456789 and send to gateway. Note: 100 Load Pocket balance is required to activate a System User. The 100 Load Pocket that was deducted from your account will be received by the New System User.

How can I check my loading balance in smart retailer SIM?

12 Ways to Check Prepaid Load BalanceGo to SMART MENU > Buddy Balance/Prepaid Balance to receive load balance information via text.Text ? … Dial and call 214# and press Call to receive load balance information via text.Dial and call *121# and press Call to view regular load balance (and subscribe to prepaid offers).More items…

How do I load a satellite using smart retailer SIM?

Text the 14-digit scratch card number (Ex. 12345678901234) and send to 150. A message will confirm if your loading is successful.

Can smart Pasaload globe?

Well, do we have the step on how to Pasaload Globe using Smart? At this time, there is no simple way of sharing load, text, or data from the two networks. However, you could decide to transfer the credit to another Smart subscriber, who would pay you, you can use the cash to load your Globe SIM card.

How do I update my smart retailer SIM 2020?

To update your Smart Load Menu, just type the syntax/keyword and send it the access code. For example, text PULL (space) MENU to 343. For successful menu updating, please take note of the following: Account must have at least P1 airtime.

How do I load a retailer Sim on PayMaya?

Loading…Step 1: Open a chatbox with PayMaya > Click “Menu” > Tap “Buy Load”Step 2: Select an amount. … Step 3: Confirm Mobile Load to be purchased.Step 4: Enter your Facebook password to confirm your purchase.Step 5: Receive a confirmation message via chat and SMS of the successful mobile load purchase.

How do you load via retailer SIM?

Dial and call 214# and press Call to receive load balance information via text….Wait for the successful SMS confirmation.How to load TNT SURFSAYA via retailer SIM. Just text SAYA20/30/9911-digit TNT mobile number of customer, and send to 4540.See also:List of TNT Promos – Call, Text and Internet Data.

How can I become a globe retailer?

How to Be a Globe and Smart Load DistributorFinalize where and how you want to operate your cell phone load distributing business. … Inquire about distribution opportunities for Globe and Smart and decide which company would work best for you. … Purchase a dedicated cell phone each for Globe and Smart where you will place the retailer SIM cards.More items…

How can I load my Globe Card?

STEP 1: Dial 223 and press SEND. STEP 2: Enter the card number and press #. STEP 3: Enter PIN and press #. STEP 4: A voice prompt will confirm that the reload attempt is successful.

How can I reload my globe prepaid card while roaming?

To reload:Dial *143# for free and select MyAccount.Select Load Call Card.Enter the 10-digit call card number followed by the 6-digit PIN.A notification will be sent via text to confirm that the reload attempt is successful.

How can I check my globe home WIFI balance?

You can check your remaining balance by going to the Dashboard of your Globe At Home app.

How do retailers Load smart?

What are the Available Retailer Load Packages?SMART PREPAID. (text RETAILER KEYWORD< space.11-DIGIT NUMBER & send to 343)TALK 'N TEXT. (text RETAILER KEYWORD< space.11-DIGIT NUMBER & send to 4540)REGULAR LOAD. (text RETAILER KEYWORD< space.11-DIGIT NUMBER & send to 343 for SMART and 4540 for TNT)

Can I convert globe rewards to load?

Convert your Globe Rewards points to GCash now so you can buy load, shop online, and more with GCash! … Globe Rewards points earned in 2019 will expire by June 30, 2020.

Where can I load a smart retailer SIM?

Smart Communications, Inc. Smart Load retailers or dealers can replenish their load wallet at any of the following: Designated Provincial Distributor. Smart Money Centers (authorized outlets) Load Connect machines located as selected Smart Stores (Smart Tower, SM Fairview, Sta.

Can I load sun using smart retailer SIM?

Because we want to make loading simple for you, now you can visit any SMART Retailers nationwide to buy load. Just tell any SMART Retailer your preferred load and they will be happy to serve you. Now you can buy SMART Regular Load, Giga Promos PLUS your favorite SUN offers from any SMART Retailers.

How can I load my Globe prepaid card with another number?

To send load to another prepaid number, just send LOAD and send to 2882+10 digit number. Try call cards. To reload using call cards, you can visit any load retail outlet, Globe Business Center or the Globe Online Shop.

How can I reload my globe retailer SIM?

How do I buy load via the GlobeOne app?Download and Register your account to the GlobeOne app.Launch the app and choose BUY LOAD option.Choose the denomination or amount you want to buy.Select your payment option ( GCash or Credit Card Option)Click CONFIRM and NEXT button to finish the transaction.

How can I check my balance in Globe retailer SIM 2020?

Via the Globe/TM MenuDial *143# on your phone and press Call.Enter number 7 for Balance Inquiry, then press Send.You will receive an onscreen message showing your current balance, free texts, and load validity.

How much is a retailer SIM?

If you want to sell a Smart prepaid, you can apply as a load retailer online. You’ll also have to purchase a retailer SIM card that costs around PHP 300 to PHP 600 as well as an initial load balance worth PHP 1,000.

How do I know my number globe?

To use this feature, simply send a text message to “2354” + another recipient with a Globe number. The recipient will then receive a text message coming from the sender’s number. From there, you can now know your SIM card number.