Question: Is PSC Exam Easy?

Can a PCS officer become DM?

They have to get promoted to level 11, level 12, level 13, level 13A, and level 14.

The promotion process is quite slow and it takes 15-20 years to get promoted as an IAS officer.

Due to a lack of recommendation, if he is not promoted to IAS rank then he will get a post correspondent to DM..

How can I pass PSC exam?

PSC Exam Preparation: 10 Tips You Should KnowThe Time management is the most important thing in the PSC exam preparation. … Even if you have limited time, start from basics, basics are the roots.Give equal importance to the whole subjects.Try to learn latest GK Questions.Go through the PSC previous questions papers.Solve the PSC Model Questions.More items…•

Which state PSC is easiest?

Short answer…1: Rpsc(Rajasthan public service commission for Rajasthan civil services)2: hpsc(Haryana public service commission for Haryana civil services)😌These both have less number of papers and easy in that way. U may check further details about both of these…Thnx… all the best! 👍👍

Is PSC easy?

State Public Service Commission (PSC) exams, conducted to recruit candidates for various administrative positions in different states, aren’t easy to crack. But with the right preparation, one can clear them in the first attempt.

What is the salary of PCS?

UPPSC PCS Salary 2020: Pay Level (7th Pay Commission)LevelPay Scale/ SalaryAt EntryRs.56100-132000 (Pay Level 10)After 5 years of satisfactory serviceRs.67700-160000 (Pay Level 11)After 12 years of serviceRs.78800191500 (Pay Level 12)After 16 years of service and based on seniorityRs.118500-214100 (Pay Level 13)3 more rows•Apr 21, 2020

Is PSC a good option?

Even during the probation period, you get the full salary. If you are bound to your state and do not intend to travel across the country, State PSC will be a better option for you because the transfers take place within the state.

Which is tough IAS or PCS?

Provincial Civil Services (PCS): No doubt IAS is better than PCS in terms of salary, growth and over all career prospective, but as PCS is much better than many other government jobs so a candidate should try for PCS as well because the chances of clearing the PCS exam is much more than that of the IAS exam.

How difficult is state PSC?

IAS exam is very tough and you are aiming for it. When compared to IAS exam, the state PSC exam is less hard. So you can definitely fare well and your chances of getting selected for Class 1 officer will be much better. As mentioned by Mr….Joined:16/02/2017Points:201 more row•May 20, 2017

Which subject is best for PSC?

Since you have done 10+2 in arts stream then you must take arts subjects in bachelor’s degree as it will help you in preparation for PSC examination. The age limit for examination is 21-35 years for most of state PSC. OBC and SC/ST candidates get upper age relaxation.

How can I prepare for PSC?

With around 6 lakh applicants gearing up to crack the highly competitive exam, follow these tips meticulously to nail your dream job.Revision, practice. … Things to remember. … PSC’s trick. … Focus on language. … IT paper. … General knowledge. … Last minute preparations. … Negative marks.

Who is PCS officer?

PCS officers hold various posts at sub-divisional, district, divisional and state level from conducting revenue administration and maintenance of law and order….Provincial Civil Service.Service OverviewCurrent Cadre Strength1112 members (742 officers directly recruited by UP-PSC and 370 officers promoted from Tehsildars)14 more rows

How many hours study for PCS?

Ideally, an aspirant should study for 9-10 hours around the year with intensifying it to up to 12 hours prior to a month of the examination.