Question: When Should I Use Bench Boost?

When should I use my free hit?

Free Hit.

The Free Hit chip can be used once a season.

Selecting this chip allows a player to make unlimited transfers for one week at no points cost, but for one week only.

After that week, the player’s team will revert back to how it started the gameweek before..

Does Triple captain work on double game weeks?

When to use it? Holding your Triple Captain chip for a double gameweek is a popular strategy as it offers your captain twice as many matches to deliver points, assuming they are involved in both games. It also means that if your player blanks in one game they can make up it for in the next.

Can you free hit and bench boost?

That means that you may not activate your Wildcard and Bench Boost in the same game week. The same goes for Free Hit + Bench Boost or any other FPL chip combination. … Don’t worry about the rest of their games no matter how difficult they might be.

What is a free hit?

A free hit in fantasy football parlance is a chip or move available to players which allows unlimited free transfers for a single gameweek. It is similar to the wildcard, but the transfers only remain in effect for one gameweek. The following gameweek, a player’s squad returns to how it was before the free hit.

How long does bench boost last?

one weekPlaying the Bench Boost chip means that a player scores additional points for the four players on their bench, again, for one week only. The Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips are activated on the “My Team” page, and can be cancelled at any time up to the gameweek’s deadline.

Is there another double Gameweeks in fantasy football?

Two more Double Gameweeks in Fantasy Premier League have been confirmed for the season run-in.

What Gameweek to use a triple captain?

Ideal time to use it is a small double gameweek, where there is a premium option with 2 good fixtures. Bottom line is whenever you think the player you triple captain will get the most points.

How many times can triple captain be used?

The Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips can each be used once a season and are played when saving your team on the my team page. They can be cancelled at anytime before the Gameweek deadline. The Free Hit chip can be used once a season, is played when confirming your transfers and can’t be cancelled after confirmed.

How many times bench boost can be used?

It can only be used once in the entirety of the season. Similar to the triple captain chip, the bench boost chip can only be used once in a season also. Using the bench boost chip will add the points that your four substitutes score to your Gameweek total.

What is a free hit on FPL?

The “Free Hit” chip sits alongside the Wildcard, the Triple Captain and Bench Boost in Fantasy Premier League. A Free Hit can be taken once per season and allows for unlimited transfers in a single Gameweek.

Is there any double Gameweeks in fantasy football?

Double gameweeks happen as a result of an earlier ‘blank’ gameweek, which are caused when FA Cup, Carabao Cup and other cup competitions clash with Premier League fixtures. … These ‘blank’ fixtures will be made up at a later stage in the season, which is where the double gameweek aspect comes into play.

When should I use Triple captain?

A player who plays more than 60min of his two fixtures in a DGW would already have a base score of 4, tripling that will bring you to 12 on that player alone, for just turning up. We recommend to use the Triple Captain chip as soon as the first DGW arrives and “get it out of the way”.

Can I play free hit and triple captain at the same time?

Remember, if you’re playing your Free Hit chip on a double gameweek, you can’t play your Bench Boost or your Triple Captain. … The Free Hit can only prepare you for one double gameweek.

How many free hits do you get?

You only get one Free Hit chip per season, unlike the WC in which you get two (The first wildcard has to be used by January. The second wildcard will be available after this date and can be used until the end of the season).

What’s the difference between wildcard and free hit?

What is a Wildcard? … Unlike the Free Hit chip which allows managers to make unlimited transfers for a single gameweek before the team reverts back to what it was originally, transfers made on a Wildcard are permanent.

What is bench boost free hit and triple captain?

Bench Boost: The source of this site’s name, the bench boost chip will give you the points that players pick up on your bench for a single gameweek. … With the Triple Captain chip, which can be used once per season on a single player in a single gameweek, your captain’s score will be tripled instead.