Question: Which Country Has Taken Highest Loan From IMF?

Which countries took loan from IMF?

IMF LoansSub TypeMemberTotal Amount Agreed (Thousands of $)Precautionary Credit Line (PCL)Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic of259816Extended Credit Facility (ECF) 1/Armenia, Republic of83840Extended Credit Facility (ECF) 1/Benin46684Extended Credit Facility (ECF) 1/Burkina Faso2900754 more rows•May 24, 2011.

Which country takes more loans?

ListRankCountry/RegionExternal debt US dollars1United States2.131×10132United Kingdom9.019×10126France6.673009×10123Germany5.7358032×101276 more rows

How much can a country borrow from the IMF?

The IMF’s current total resources amounting to about SDR 978 billion translate into a capacity for lending or “firepower” of about SDR 715 billion (around US$ 1 trillion), after setting aside a liquidity buffer and considering that only resources of members with strong external position are used for lending.

What countries are the five largest contributors to the IMF?

Four emerging market economies (Brazil, China, India, and Russia) are now among the IMF’s 10 largest members, joining the United States, Japan, and the four largest European countries (France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom).

Who really owns the IMF?

United NationsInternational Monetary Fund/Parent organizations

Can IMF grant/loan to any country?

The country which requires the international currency for an international transaction or foreign exchange at a cheaper rate can apply for a loan in the IMF. In this situation, the member country is allocated SDR in the proportion of its quota in the IMF.