Question: Who Is Jaemin Closest To In NCT?

Did NCT U disband?

This is BGent.

First of all, we sincerely thank the fans who have cherished and loved 14U until now.

After long discussion between the agency and the 14U members, it was decided that the group will disband and go their separate ways..

In South Korea, the most popular NCT members include Jaehyun, Mark, Doyoung, Haechan in NCT 127. Unlike many people would have believed or thought, Taeyong is not in the top line. Jungwoo is also more popular in South Korea than a lot of people would have thought.

Who is taeyong closest to in NCT?

Taeyong is closest to Doyoung, jaehyun, Johnny and Yuta. Mark and Haechan are BFFs. Mark is also close with Johnny, Jaehyun and Taeyong. Everyone loves WinWin, Taeil and Taeyong.

As of right now, the most popular ships in NCT are:Yumark: Yuta+Mark (Yuta loves Mark)Markhyuck: Mark+Haechan (Haechan loves Mark)Hyuckil: Haechan+Taeil (Youngest and oldest of 127, sun and moon)Dotae: Doyoung+Taeyong (“tom and jerry”)Norenmin: Jeno+Renjun+Jaemin (just some good ol ’00 bromance vibes)More items…•

Does Doyoung call taeyong Hyung?

NCT’s Doyoung was Flustered at the Weird Voice Taeyong Used to Greet in a Past Phone Call That He Thought He Got the Wrong Number. Taeyong nearly got hung up too. … Doyoung was taken aback at first and asked, “Is this not Taeyong hyung?” when Taeyong responded back going, “This is not Taeyong.

Who has tattoo in NCT?

NCT 127’s Johnny Confirms His Tattoo And Reveals The Touching Meaning Behind It. It’s just as much for him as it is for fans. During NCT 127’s promotions for “Punch”, fans noticed something different about Johnny’s arm. On his left one, he wore a bandage to cover something.

TaeilThe least popular member is the one and only Taeil.

Does NCT have girlfriends?

Currently, no one from NCT is dating because they simply do not have the time. … NCT 127 would have the highest chance of having girlfriends but all of them have expressed their feelings about dating and all said that they would like to focus more on the group for now until later years.

Who are the closest members in NCT?

The closest ones are probably Taeyong & Doyoung, even if it might not seem like it at first. Taeyong is leader of all those members, gets tired at times, Doyoung despite usually making fun of him, fighting with him, is person who helps Taeyong the most.

Who is the smartest member of NCT?

kun is the only known nct member to have a college degree (taeil dropped out of college to join sm). he graduated with a bachelor’s from beijing contemporary music academy in 2018. he’s also, like doyoung, just someone who you can really tell is smart.

Who is the most handsome in SuperM?

I find Kai most handsome cause of his square face, fuller lips and blade like jawline. Taeyong also has a beautiful jawline. I find guys with strong jawline attractive. BBH is cute too.

JaeminJaemin is sure the most popular among them since his love the most in SK and followed by Jeno.

Who is the best dancer in NCT dream?

Taeyong and Ten are the best Dancers in NCT but Taeyong seems to be better at freestyling while Ten is better at Choreo.Then JiSung, but he lacks stage presence sometimes.Yuta and Jeno are like… … Donghyuck… … Jungwoo, Jaemin, Jaehyun and Johnny. … Winwin, Lucas, Yang Yang…. … Kun, Hendery, Renjun, Chenle.More items…•

Who is the best looking in NCT?

Jaehyun is the best looking. Jeamin and Taeyong are good looking too.

Who is the most underrated member of NCT?

Most Underrated NCT member?Winwin. 23.3%Haechan. 33.3%Hansol. 6.7%Yuta. 3.3%Taeil. 16.7%Kun. 13.3%Jeno. 3.4%

Who is the smartest KPOP Idol?

The Smartest K-pop IdolsBTS’ RM.Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo.Epik High’s Tablo.EXID’s Hani.Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.SHINee’s Onew.TVXQ’s Changmin.2PM’s Taecyeon.More items…•

Which NCT member is most attractive to Westerners?

Lucas is of course attractive as well. He has tan skin, big eyes, a button nose, and hes tall. This is seen as attractive in the western beauty standards. Jaehyun and Jaemin are attractive to westerners as well.

Is Lee taeyong left handed?

taeyong is actually right-handed, because the vlive where he customised his shirt was flipped!