Quick Answer: Can You Have Two Accounts On Grindr?

Can you recover your Grindr account?

Unfortunately, a deleted profile can’t be recovered as this is a permanent action.

You can, however, create a new profile using the same credentials.

If you are a premium user, please create a new account and restore your purchase..

What happens to a deleted Grindr account?

When you delete the app, but not the profile, the profile will not be ok the grid anymore. The profile will however show up still in the inboxes of those you messaged and their contents. Grindr has shown up in my experience on the grid after I deleted the app and not my profile.

Does grindr delete inactive accounts?

For example, We may deactivate Your User Account due to prolonged inactivity. Without limitation of our other rights, We reserve the right to delete all Your User Content from the Grindr Services upon any termination or cancellation of Your User Account.

How long do messages stay on Grindr?

48 hoursGenerally, Grindr does not maintain user chat messages for longer than 48 hours once the message has been delivered to the recipient.

Can you hide grindr on your phone?

DAI is offered on both platforms (Android/iOS) as a free security feature to all our Grindr Users.

Does grindr show your email address?

Grindr is sharing this information about you: Gender. The date of your last HIV test. Email addresses.

Can you have 2 Grindr accounts?

You can use 2(two), 3(Three) or multiple Grindr accounts on your phone , android without root , and iphone.

How do I make a new account on Grindr?

You will be presented with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your review. Provided you choose to accept, you will then enter your email address, your chosen password and date of birth you can tap create account. You should now be able to create your profile for other Grindr users to see.

Why is my Grindr account banned?

If your Grindr account was banned, then it most likely means you violated our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. We’re talking about (but not limited to): Illegal Activity (such as selling drugs or sexual solicitation) Spam or advertising.

Why does grindr say Unable to login?

If you’re having trouble logging in because of the Google Play Service error message, you may try to clear your Google Play Service cache and data while our development team is working to determine the root cause of this inconvenience, but keep in mind Google Play Services is a Google product.

How do I bypass a grindr device ban?

If Grindr blocked the device after a user was banned the only way to access Grindr again is with a different device and email or contact Grindr and plead their case to lift the ban. If the ban is lifted they would be on probation.

How long does your profile stay on Grindr?

ten minutesAs for being no longer visible, the user must select to go “Offline” within the app. For Grindr, the activity dot remains green for ten minutes. After ten minutes of no activity, the green dot is replaced by a blank circle.

Why is grindr not working?

If you’re not using the most current version of Grindr, the app may crash or freeze during use. You can make sure you’re using the most current version of Grindr by going to the App Store on your device. So your Grindr is up to date but it’s still crashing? Force closing Grindr may resolve this issue.

Why do I have to verify my Grindr account?

Grindr is just finally starting to verify accounts, to combat the spread of scams, bots, and spam on the app. If you’re too uncomfortable to use your real number, just use a Google Voice number or TextNow number to move past it.

How do I make a second account on Grindr?

If you have a second email, you can use the Grindr login and sign-up screen to create a second account on the app. However, attempting to switch accounts in the Grindr app will, by default, result in the deletion of the chat history and media associated with the account you’re switching from.

Does logging out of Grindr take you off the grid?

If you logout you disappear from the grid and favorites. If you just are you Inactive (because you deleted the app but didn’t log out) you will disappear from the main grid after an hour but will still show up in favorites.

How do I get around grindr ban 2020?

Roll a new account with a different email.Or, try to figure out why you were banned (usually due to offensive speech or profile content or photos that they deem to have violated their terms of service) and apologize and ask to be unbanned with a contrite “sorry about that won’t happen again” sort of message to them.

What does offline mean on Grindr 2020?

Last Updated: 25th January, 2020. 41. Incognito is a premium feature that hides you from theGrindr grid while still allowing you to freely use the app. While hidden using Incognito, you’ll appear as offline topeople you tap or message.