Quick Answer: What Broadband Does Vodafone Use?

Can I use any router with Vodafone Broadband?

You can use a non-Vodafone router on our broadband network, but it needs to be one that’s been approved by Openreach.

We can’t offer support for other routers.

If you have any network or performance issues, you’ll need to reconnect your Vodafone router..

How long does it take to get Vodafone broadband installed?

two hoursA standard installation can take up to two hours to complete. The engineer will connect your modem and support the setup of up to two devices in your home to ensure the service is working properly – so you can start to enjoy the service straight away!

Who does broadband without a phone line?

Virgin MediaWho does broadband-only packages? Virgin Media (www.virginmedia.com) is the only major provider able to offer broadband without a phone line to more than just a few select areas of the country. If you want to see exactly what you can get, check broadband in your area.

Can I have broadband without a landline?

Can I get broadband without a landline? Yes, broadband without a landline suits families who pay for line rental but barely use it. The type of broadband package you want depends on each family’s preference. You should decide whether you want to bundle your broadband with TV and landline services.

Does Vodafone broadband use BT lines?

Does Vodafone broadband use BT lines? Like many UK providers, Vodafone uses BT-owned Openreach’s network to deliver fibre broadband services to its customers, which means you can continue to use existing BT lines with your service.

Does Vodafone Broadband require a phone line?

Here’s what pricing looks like for Vodafone broadband, before and after the change. This is for an Unlimited Fibre 38 package. … The fact is, the majority of broadband packages do still require line rental. Since the line is used to deliver your broadband, it’s pretty vital.

Is Vodafone Broadband better than BT?

Vodafone broadband comes in three speeds: basic ADSL, average 35Mb (fibre optic), or average 63Mb (fibre optic). … Still, it’s not as fast as Virgin Media, which has a package with average speeds of 362Mb – and its entry-level fibre option isn’t as speedy as BT Superfast Fibre Broadband, which has average speeds of 50Mb.

Is Vodafone broadband any good?

Vodafone broadband is cheap, and high quality, where most other providers are either one or the other. It offers a great service that’s good enough for all, but at a price that is in many cases cheaper than rivals.

How long does Vodafone Broadband take to set up?

It may take until midnight on your activation date for your broadband service to go live. If it’s been more than 24 hours since your broadband was installed and you still can’t connect, please chat to us online.

Why is there no line rental with Vodafone Broadband?

“This is because broadband providers are under pressure from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to change advertised pricing so customers see a cost per month that includes line rental, so Vodafone is stealing a march on its rivals.”

How does Vodafone superfast broadband work?

The download speed of your broadband connection depends on the plan you choose: Superfast 1 has an average download speed of 35Mbit/s. According to Vodafone, 73% of Superfast 1 customers are able to get this speed (as measured during peak hours, 8pm-10pm). Upload speeds of up to 10Mbit/s are available on Superfast 1.