Quick Answer: What Is My Paytm Username And Password?

How can I know my Paytm password?

Forgotten Your Paytm Password, Here’s What you Should do?DISCLAIMER.How To Reset Your Paytm Password:Step 1: You can call 0120–4888–488 from your Paytm registered mobile number.Step 2: Choose you language.Step 3: Press 1.Step 4: Click on the reset password link to enter a new password and confirm your password..

How can I login my Paytm account?

Steps to Login via web:Go to Paytm.com.Click on ‘Log In/SIgn Up’ on the right top corner of your screen.Enter your registered mobile number/email address & password.Click on ‘Secure Login’You will be prompted for an OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number.More items…

How can I put password in Paytm?

Set the Phone’s default Android security password if not already done. Go to your Phone’s Settings > Security > Screen Lock > Choose Screen Lock. You can select Pin, Password, Pattern or Fingerprint to protect your phone. Open the updated Paytm App & click on “Pay” or “Passbook”.

How can I reset my Paytm password without calling?

How to reset Paytm password without calling.Open your Paytm app and tap on top 3 lines.Tap on Login.Enter your mobile number and tap on ‘proceed securely’Now tap on ‘forgot Paytm password’Go back and Tap on ‘Having Login Issues’Tap on forgot your password.Tap on message us.Type your message and enter your mobile no. then tap on Send.More items…•

How can I get Paytm transaction ID?

Paytm provides an easy access to track all your transactions. To check your past transactions, simply visit the ‘Passbook’ section of your Paytm app. Once you find the transaction you are specifically looking for, tap on it, and you will see the entire details of that particular transaction.

Where is my Paytm ID?

3. PaytmOpen the Paytm app.Click on the “BHIM UPI” section at the topmost bar on the homepage.You will find your UPI ID in the first section of the page along with QR code. The UPI ID will be your phonenumber@paytm (as mentioned above)

What should be the Paytm password?

Step 1: You can call 0120–4888–488 or 0120-4456-456 from your Paytm registered mobile number….Your password should consist of:Minimum 5 characters.At least 1 number.At least 1 alphabet.

How can I recover my Paytm account without mobile number?

How to secure your account in case you have lost your phone?Step 1: Block your sim by contacting the telecom operator.Step 2: Call Paytm Payments Bank Helpline 0120 4456456.Step 3: Select ‘Report loss or unauthorize usage of wallet, debit card or savings account’ option.Step 4: Select ‘Lost Phone’ option.Step 5: Enter the Lost mobile number.More items…•

How can I login my Paytm account without OTP?

Tap on Install & Open the Paytm Mall App. On the very first screen which will appear will ask for your existing login details. Login with your existing/old Paytm account through the Mobile number or Email address whichever is preferable. With Paytm Mall App your profile will open up without any verification of OTP.

How can I recover my old Paytm account?

If you change your mobile number and do not have access to your earlier Paytm registered Mobile number anymore, How do I reset my Paytm registered number? Please call us at 0120–3888–388 and request a call back for account verification before we reset your mobile number.

What is Bank passcode?

Your 5-digit Online Banking passcode enables you to access Online Banking when it’s used together with your memorable word. … If you create a new passcode, you should avoid using obvious numbers, such as 12345, other similar sequences or part of your phone number, for example.

How can I know my Paytm ID and password?

How to view my Savings Account Details?Step 1: Tap on the Bank Account icon on the updated Paytm App. … Step 2: Enter your Paytm Passcode. … Step 1: Tap on the Bank Account icon on the updated Paytm App, and click on Savings Account Details. … Step 2: Click on View Details and proceed to enter your 4-digit Paytm Passcode.

What is my Paytm wallet ID?

1 : Open Paytm app and tap on top 3 lines. 2 : Click on your profile. 4 : Here you can see your mobile number which is registered in PaytM. …

How can I change my Paytm registered mobile number without login?

In the profile settings, you will find the option to change the old paytm number if you have no access. In this step choose option one. The options one is “I have lost my phone and want to want to access my old account”. After that, you will get details.